Projects & Press Clippings

Town of Cheraw, Cheraw, SC

Serve as the Planning & Community Development Director through Planning Services Contract

Town of Chesterfield, Chesterfield, SC

 Developing the Town's Comprehensive Plan

Press Clips

Park Hills Neighborhood, Spartanburg, SC 

Green Avenue Neighborhood, Greenville, SC 

South Hartsville Neighborhood, Hartsville, SC

Vista Project, Hartsville, SC 

Butler Plan, Hartsville, SC 

Planning Collaborative, LLC


Our Foundation

We look at planning from a collaborative perspective. Our focus is small  and rural communities. These communities do not have budgets larger communities can access to facilitate projects. Collaboration is crucial in maximizing funding and developing opportunities. 


Rodney S. Tucker, AICP, is the Principal. He brings a wealth of experience, over 14 year of creativity in the profession. Tucker is an experienced certified planner with an extensive background in neighborhood revitalization, community development, consolidated plan and comprehensive plan development, and planning. He has worked extensively with neighborhood and civic groups to build capacity. He has formerly served as Planning & Development Director, Project Planning Manager, Community Planner, and Senior Planner with local governments.