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Rodney S. Tucker is the founder and Principal of RS3 Planning Collaborative, LLC. He brings a wealth of experience, over 14 years of creativity, in the profession. Tucker is an experienced certified planner with an extensive background in neighborhood revitalization, community development, consolidated and comprehensive plan development, planning/zoning, and community engagement. He has worked extensively with neighborhoods and civic groups to build capacity. Tucker has formerly served as a Planning & Development Director, Project Manager, Community Planner, and Senior Planner with local governments. He is a strong proponent of public participation and community visioning. Both set the tone and is the linchpin for projects. Success hinges on the inclusion of diverse stakeholders. That inclusion ignites a community’s energy and buy-in. Those two together frame realistic implementation outcomes and investments. He was TEDxEvansStreet Speaker. The topic was What is a Utopian City?

Ever wonder how a business pops up out of nowhere, why one side of town looks drastically different than the other, or what goes into shaping a robust downtown? Planning is not just a professional but a passion. We bring a tremendous amount of experience and innovation to projects. Our approach to planning is guided by sensible, sustainable, and strategic principles. Solutions are customized to best fit our clients’ needs. RS3’s story is a story of building relationships and opportunities with communities. We take pride in being a wayfinding sign for communities, helping them to navigate to their destination.  Building on their assets and opportunities frame the direction, outcomes, and future investments. Inclusivity is the hallmark of our planning approach. We work to engage all stakeholders and give them a voice in shaping their plan. RS3 specializes in working with small municipalities and rural communities at an affordable cost. We find these communities are hidden gems with untapped potential.

RS3 Planning Collaborative, LLC

Rodney S. Tucker